Teaching Learning


Mercy College each year offers a comprehensive range of electives in addition to mandatory studies from Year 7, leading to the award of the Higher School Certificate credential in Year 12.

The academic curriculum incorporates Board of Studies and Endorsed Courses, together with TAFE related studies and tutoring in a wide selection of languages offered both at the College and through the Open High School or Saturday School.

The courses offered are intended to provide Mercy students a balanced and diversified experience with an emphasis on extending literacy and numeracy competence.

Course offerings change each year according to student selections and while every attempt is made to accommodate each student, it may not be possible to have every course timetabled if there are insufficient numbers for a class.

At the senior level, students are guided in course selections to assist in their preparation for tertiary study and they may undertake early vocational training by completing Certificate 2 in a number of TAFE Courses. 

Qualified external providers are occasionally utilized to cater for the specific requirements of students.

General questions regarding subject choices should be directed to the Curriculum Co-ordinator.