Religious Dimension

Mercy Week

Mercy Week is celebrated during the first week of September. It draws together the educational, pastoral and religious dimensions of College life in a spirit of celebration and outreach.

Preparation for Mercy Week progresses through Term 3 as connections are made with social justice agencies throughout Sydney and various groups participate in organising the Mercy Week Eucharist.

Mercy Week commences with a celebration of the Eucharist and the Year 12 College Leaders are inaugurated at the mass.

Mercy Week is organised by the Student Leadership Team and Year 12 in conjunction with Year Co-ordinators. Particular charities are supported by each year group through awareness raising and fund raising.

Features of the week are:

Throughout Mercy Week Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 sponsor theme days and organise whole school activities during lunch times and Year 11 holds a multicultural lunch.

Junior students remain at school for a range of activities, including guest speakers and workshops.

Mercy Week has added significance, in that it is the final community event for Year 12.

The culmination of Mercy Week is the Outreach Day, where all students in the College engage in outreach activities with various charitable agencies and organisations, nursing homes and primary schools throughout Sydney.