Religious Dimension

Student Retreats and Reflection Days

Mercy College is committed to being a reflective community.

Retreats and Reflection Days provide students with the time to reflect on God and on life, to be creative, and to interact with others in a Christian context.

They provide a memorable experience of Christian community, where the individual person is valued and the communal experiences of liturgy, celebration and reflection are encouraged.

Students in Years 7-10 attend a Reflection Day. The day explores a Christian theme, appropriate to each year level. Senior students attend over night retreats, which provide space for reflection in their lives.

Students are challenged to deepen their understanding of themselves in relationship to their family, peers and their God.

The staff also participate in a Spirituality Day each year.

In addition to these opportunities, the College runs the Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia (CSYMA) which is a program of Christian leadership and spiritual formation and enrichment. Year 9 students are invited to elect to study the CSYMA course as part of the Religious Education program in Year 10.