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Mercy Feast Day Mass 2017

6 September 2017

Mercy Week began with a celebration of the Eucharist to commemorate our Feast Day and commission our incoming 2018 Student Leaders.

We were blessed to have Sr Loreto Conroy the Congregation Leader for the North Sydney Sisters of Mercy and numerous other Sister of Mercy join us for our celebration of the Eucharist.

This year we have been inspired by the words of Jesus to be: “The light of the world” (Jn 18:12). We are called to use the gifts and talents given to us by the Holy Spirit to enrich the lives of others in our community. Pope Francis encourages us to be the light that illuminates the path for others. We must never be self-serving but instead shine our light brightly upon others through charity, service and prayer.

Mercy Week is a time when the College community reflects and embodies the charism of our foundress Catherine McAuley. She, like Mother Mary, was a woman deeply rooted in the biblical concept of mercy- a blend of compassion, loving-kindness and steadfastness. She surrendered herself to the will of God and found a way, despite the impossibilities of her time, to carry out the works of mercy, and to proclaim to a people whose lives were bounded by poverty, the Christian message of mercy and hope. As Catherine McAuley was sent in her time, we too are sent by God to bring the good news. We are called to deliver God's message and to act upon it, to love our enemies, to care for the poor and to shine the spirit of mercy upon all people we encounter.

We would like to thank our local Parish Priest Fr Paul for celebrating Mass with us and sharing the message to not let what is urgent take over what is important in life.

Ms Stojanovski
Religious Education Co-ordinator