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Holy Week Liturgy

3 April 2017

On Monday we joined together as a College community to mark Holy Week with a meaningful liturgy. 

"Next week we celebrate Holy Week with Christians throughout the world. This ancient story is retold every year because it explains the mystery of our faith; that Christ died for us, he will rise up for us and that he will come again. The Paschal Mystery is the great story of humanity reconciled to God and given life anew."  

The liturgy commenced with these words. As it unfolded we saw the events of Jesus’ last days with his family and friends through the re-enactment of the Last Supper, the Way of the Cross and finally the crucifixion and death of Jesus. Students from Year 10 portrayed the many people involved in the final days of Jesus' life: Pilate, the Apostles who stood by Jesus, Mary and the women of Jerusalem who wept for him and the soldiers who nailed him to the cross. 


We moved from scene to scene to the sound of beautiful Taize chants, concluding with the haunting hymn "Were You There When they Crucified My Lord". The music was lead by our talented Music teachers, Year 10 soloists and Year 7B choir. At each station of the cross we were asked to think about those times when we condemned others, experienced burdens and worries, did not listen to our friends and family, and turned away from God. Each station concluded with prayers of petition and sorrow, asking Jesus for help and asking him for forgiveness. 


As we commemorate the rich and wonderful liturgies of Holy Week in our own parishes next week, we await with anticipation for the resurrection of Jesus at Easter.


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