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Uniform Requirements

Mercy students wear their uniform with pride as it represents the esteem in which they hold their College.

General Uniform Regulations

  • Correct school uniform is to be clean and in good repair.
  • If hair touches the collar, it should be tied back with a ribbon, scrunchie or hairclip in navy, white or black.
  • Hair should be of a natural colour and of a conservative style.
  • The following jewellery items may be worn: a watch, one pair of plain studs or sleepers (gold or silver) in the lower lobe. All other piercing is prohibited.
  • A cross on a chain may be worn but must not be visible when worn with the school uniform.
  • Make-up, nail polish, acrylic and gel nails are not to be worn.
  • If it is cool, the blazer must be worn coming to or from school over the summer dress. The jumper must not be worn as the outside garment.

Summer Uniform

  • Summer dress
  • Short white, plain ankle socks (no anklets or knee-highs)
  • Black, lace-up leather school shoes with no coloured stitching, metal tabs or higher heels.
  • Dress length is on the knee.

Winter Uniform

  • Regulation kilt (length 5cm below the knee), V neck jumper, Blouse over kilt, blazer, tights.
  • Skivvies are not to be worn under the blouse.
  • Pale grey tights. Socks are not to be worn under tights.
  • Black, lace-up leather school shoes with no coloured stitching, metal tabs or higher heels.
  • The blazer must be worn to and from school as the outer garment.
  • Plain navy or black scarf (if required).

School Bags

  • A regulation College bag must be purchased from Lowes at Chatswood.
  • Other bags and handbags are not permitted.
  • Patches, stickers, graffiti are not permitted on College bags.

Sports Uniform

  • School sports cap
  • Blue Mercy College shorts
  • White polo shirt with school emblem
  • Predominantly white sports shoes
  • White ankle socks
  • In winter: College track suit
  • The College jumper is not to be worn with track pants.


Sports Uniform to be worn (unless otherwise advised).

Mufti Day

Make-up, jewellery and hair regulations remain the same as for any school day. Clothes must be clean, neat, modest, in good repair and appropriate to the day’s activities. Very short skirts and shorts, midriff/tank tops and torn jeans are not permitted.

Mercy Uniforms (summer, winter and sports uniforms) are available for purchase from Lowes at Chatswood or online from Lowes.

Second hand uniforms may be purchased though the Sustainable Schools Shop. A Stocktake report is maintained by the Sustainable Schools Shop. The College takes no responsibility for items being sold or purchased from their website.