Co-curricular Activities

Other Clubs

Mercy students are given the opportunity to participate in a number of different Club activities.

Maths Club

The objective of the club is to explore the many varied fields in the world of mathematics. Activities involve looking at mathematics in the real world with unusual solutions. Quiz and logical problems are explored from a mathematical perspective. Some investigations may take more than two sessions and members may work on a problem over a period of time.

Date:  Wednesday's  

Time: 1:35pm to 2:05pm (lunchtime)

Location: Maths classroom AT7

Entry Requirements: Open to all students

Club Convener: Mathematics Dept

Mercy Book Club

The Hufflepuffs Lunchtime Book Club meets once a week and provides students with a friendly and supportive environment in which they can share and engage in lively discussion surrounding their love of literature. In addition to this, students develop confidence in speaking in front of a group, and are required to engage in reflection and critical thinking regarding their reading experiences. Open to any interested student who would like to attend.

Date: Every Thursday

Time: 1:35pm to 2:05pm (lunchtime)

Location: Flexible Learning Space

Club Convener: Siobhan Betts

Mercy Pius Book Club

The Mercy Pius Book Club meets on a regular basis after school alternating between our College Resource Centre and the St Pius College Library. After reading a set novel, students meet in small mixed groups to engage in discussion on their experiences, enjoyment and impressions formed from reading a shared novel. Guest speakers are invited to speak with students where possible.

Date: Term 1 - Wednesday 9 April 

Mercy College Resource Centre

Time: 3:30pm to 3:40pm

Location: Alternates between Mercy Resource Centre and St Pius College Library

Entry Requirements: Open to students in Years 9-12 who attend the Tuesday Lunchtime Bookclub. Students have to have a signed permission note from their parents to attend.

Club Convener: Siobhan Betts


Walking Club

Due to the popularity of this activity it is now being run two days a week. Students have found the Walking Club to be a good stress release and concentration booster. Aside from the many physical health benefits, students also enjoy the social activity of chatting while they walk, it is a fun way to exercise and socialise.

Date: Every Thursday

Time: 1:35pm to 2:05pm (lunchtime)

Location: Meet at the flagpole at the beginning of lunch, return to school before the end of lunch.

Entry Requirements: Open to all students, however, each student must return a signed permission form from their parents before participating.

Club Convener: Viviana Oliver, Yamini Tailor

Boot Camp

Boot camp is a fitness session aimed at improving the strength, endurance, wellbeing, cardiovascular health and core stability of all participants.

Date: Every Friday morning

Time: 8am - 8:30am

Location: Flexible learning space

Entry Requirements: Open to all students. Optional / non-compulsory attendance though regular attendance is encouraged to ensure the best possible health outcomes. Correct sports uniform is to be worn during the sessions.

Club Convener: Mark Cuttler