Co-curricular Activities

Music Programmes

Students are encouraged to become involved in the wide range of optional co-curricular musical activities at Mercy Catholic College. Girls who are studying Elective Music in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 are expected to be involved in at least one co-curricular music group.

The Co-Curricular Music Staff consists of:

  • Mr Matthew Robertson: Music Teacher Coordinator of Co-curricular Music
  • Ms Kathryn McGreal: Music Teacher Chamber Choir & Liturgical Music
  • Mr Mark Strykowski: Concert Band Director & Brass Tutor
  • Ms Patricia: Amphlett Singing Tutor
  • Ms Jacinta Mikus: Flute Tutor
  • Mrs Valerie Dart: String Tutor
  • Mr Zac Coombs: Guitar Tutor
  • Mr Bruce Allan: Clarinet & Saxophone Tutor

Co-Curricular Music Programmes Offered

Concert Band Program
The College Concert Band rehearses each Wednesday morning at 7.20am in the College music rooms, and represents the school at a variety of functions throughout the year. Girls in the Concert Band must be receiving lessons on their instrument (either through the College or outside the College). At Mercy, band members have access to private tuition on a variety of instruments.

A wide range of Band instruments are available for study and hire.

All girls in the Band participate in a two day, one night Music Camp in Term 2 each year. There is an additional charge for the camp.

Cost: All girls in the Concert Band will be charged an annual rate of $160.00. Theses charges are billed with school fees.

Parents are invited to take an active role in the Band Program to help with such things as fundraising, transport, accompanying students on Music camp, etc. Letters are sent out throughout the year updating parents on all Band activities.

College Choir
The  College Choir is free to join, and requires a brief audition to determine students’ voice types. 

We encourage anyone from Years 7– 12 to join.

The  Choir rehearses each Thursday at lunch in the Performance Space.

Chamber Choir
The Chamber Choir provides music for Mass and Liturgies. ?Membership to the Chamber Choir is by audition. Students sing a range of choral repertoire at an advanced level. This group also works towards public performances and choral competitions. Members will also attend the Music Camp. Rehearsal is Tuesday morning from 7.45am.

String Ensemble
The String Ensemble rehearses every Thursday morning from 7.45am - 8.45am. Any student who plays violin, viola, cello or bass is encouraged to join.

Guitar Ensemble
The Guitar Ensemble rehearses each Thursday morning from 7.45am – 8.45am. Any student receiving guitar lessons is encouraged to join.

Flute Ensemble
Mercy is establishing a Flute Ensemble in 2017. Rehearsal is on Monday at lunch in the Performance Space. Any student who plays flute is encouraged to join.

Musicianship studies the theory of music. It is recommended that when a student is learning an instrument that she takes up Musicianship to assist with her reading and general understanding of music. Students may also sit for graded AMEB exams. Individual or group lessons are available.

Fees are as follows:
1 x 30 minute private lesson per week - $37.00

Music Camp
All girls in the Band, Choirs and String Ensemble participate in an overnight Music Camp in Term 2 (28th and 29th June). There will be an additional charge for the camp. Further details will be given during term 1 & 2.

Yamaha Music Education Centre

Mercy College is a host school for the Yamaha Music Education Centre. Yamaha music courses are offered outside of school hours, and are available for students both within and outside of our College.

Australian Girls’ Choir
Mercy College also hosts The Australian Girls’ Choir who hold weekly rehearsals each Thursday after school. For more information about the Australian Girls Choir please contact on (02) 9922 6733.