About Mercy Catholic College

Mercy Catholic College Staff

College Executive

Principal Ms Suzanne Kavanagh
Assistant Principal Miss Elizabeth Kayrooz
Religious Education Co-ordinator Ms Gabie Stojanovski
Director of Curriculum Mrs Jan Wilson
Director of Wellbeing Mrs Gemma McDermott
Business Manager Mrs Kath Parker

KLA Co-ordinators

Religious Education Ms Gabie Stojanovski
English Mrs Rachel Morgan
Mathematics Mrs Genevieve Hanlon
Science Mrs Rowena Lau
HSIE (Geog, Commerce, Bus. Studies, Economics) Ms Kathryn Fairbanks
HSIE (History, Society & Culture, Legal Studies) Ms Clare Thorpe 
Technology and Applied Studies Mrs Delia Russell
Creative Arts Mrs Jane Lennon
PDHPE Mr Mark Cuttler
LOTE (French, Italian, Open High School)

Mrs Salina Bussien 

Teacher Librarian/Learning Technologies Co-ordinator Ms Siobhan Betts

Learning Support Team

Director of Curriculum Mrs Jan Wilson
Learning Support  Co-ordinator  Ms Fiona Munro
Learning Support – Special Provisions Mr Peter Geoghegan
Learning Support Assistant Mrs Yamini Tailor
Learning Support Assistant Ms Viviana Oliver
Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator Mr Eric Regoli


Principal Ms Suzanne Kavanagh
Teacher Librarian/Learning Technologies Co-ordinator Ms Siobhan Betts
IT Facilitator Mr Michael Lijic
IT Technician Mr Jignesh Parmar

Year Co-ordinators

Year 7 Mrs Melissa Loy
Year 8 Ms Laura Snel
Year 9 Mr Mark Cutler
Year 10 Ms Catriona McDonald
Year 11 Ms Tracey Stancliffe
Year 12 Mrs Genine D'Arcy
College Counsellors Ms Fiona Dupen
Youth Ministry Co-ordinator Mrs Helen Thomas

Teaching Staff 2017

Name Faculty
Elaine Agapiou Mathematics
Siobhan Betts Teacher Librarian
Michelle Brandwood English
Salina Bussien LOTE Co-ordinator
Fiona Cunningham TAS
Mark Cuttler PDHPE
Genine D’Arcy Religious Education, Studies of Religion
Clare Dorey HSIE - History, Religious Education
Fiona Dupen   College Counsellor
Kathryn Fairbanks HSIE - Geography, Society & Culture
Terrie Franklin HSIE - Economics, Business Studies, Commerce
Peter Geoghegan HSIE - Geography, Commerce, META 
Amy Gill Drama
Karen Greenyer HSIE - History,Religious Education
Genevieve Hanlon Mathematics
Fiona Hogan Mathematics
Sue Holman TAS
Suzanne Kavanagh  
Elizabeth Kayrooz TAS, Religious Education
Jane Knapinski PDHPE
Cettina Lahiri Religious Education
Brooke Lamplough Science, Religious Education
Rowena Lau Science, Physics, Meta
Jane Lennon Creative Arts
Michael Lijic Business Studies, Commerce
Melissa Loy English
Leena Malhotra Mathematics
Sean Marshall Science, Biology
Gemma McDermott Mathematics, Religious Education
Catriona McDonald Society & Culture, Geography, History
Kathryn McGreal  Music, Studies of Religion
Christine Mooney English, HSIE - History
Rachel Morgan English
Fiona Munro Learning Support, History
Tamara Munro English, Religious Education
Ros O’Halloran History, Ancient History
Viviana Oliver Learning Support
Jenny Paton PDHPE, Geography
Ida Perrignon Italian
 Eric Regoli Science, Chemistry
Matthew Robertson Creative Arts - Music
Delia Russell   TAS
Lana Sage Science, Chemistry
Vivien Smeulders Science, Biology
Laura Snel PDHPE, Religious Education
Tracey Stancliffe Mathematics
Gabie Stojanovski Studies of Religion, Religious Education, Business Studies
Mark Strong English
Helen Thomas Youth Minister, Studies of Religion
Michelle Thomson Visual Arts, TAS
Jan Wilson Director of Curriculum
Nadia Zambetti TAS


Support Staff

Business Manager Mrs Kath Parker
Principal's PA/Registrar  Mrs Kirsteen Fisscher

Mrs Vicki Long
Mrs Ellen Sunjaya
Ms Elizabeth Poland
Mrs Nicole Clancy
Mrs Jo-Anne Dashwood

Resource Centre

Mrs Herminia Ramos
Mrs Margaret Kellendonk
Mrs Elaine Stekhoven


Ms Parisa Pouresmaeil

Food Technology

Reem Suyyagh