About Mercy Catholic College

Principal’s Welcome

Mercy Catholic College is a Catholic secondary school for girls, Years 7 to 12, located in the heart of Chatswood.

Our students enjoy a strong profile in the local community as learners, thinkers, leaders and most importantly, young women of action and compassion.

This is because students, staff and parents work in partnership to ensure that opportunities are available to assist each student to fulfil her potential.

The formation of our students in Christian discipleship is pursued within the Mercy charism which stresses the importance of hospitality, shared ministry and a concern for the poor and the marginalised. This is achieved through ongoing reflection on the action of God in our lives and the many religious rituals we celebrate as a Catholic community.

The College recognises the worth of each individual, encourages the understanding that rights must be balanced by responsibilities, and encourages each person to respond to their duty as a global citizen.


Suzanne Kavanagh